Putting Homosexuality in Perspective

In a world defined by god, as interpreted by man, we would all be heterosexual. So is homosexuality a freak of nature, so to speak? If so, how omnipotent is god? For those not believing in god and of a more existentialist persuasion, what is the limit of mutation?

Homosexuality is always and always will be a touchy subject because we have been raised to believe that a happy family consists of a mom, a dad, and their children. In other words, a normal family consists of a wife, a husband, and their children.

Homosexuality was rampant in the ancient world, especially in the Greco-Roman period. The fact that Alexander the Great was homosexual (bisexual, but I’m trying to make a point) was of no major significance to his followers, the Phalanx in his army – the most masculine men there could be at the time. However, homosexuality these days is like a punching bag for the “tough” guys to punch away their insecurities.

In the end, what’s really the controversy? Is it that something has appeared out of thin air or is it that nature does not have a defined structure?

To imagine that humans even exist is far beyond imagining that homosexuality exists in today’s society. The fact that a creature similar to a unisexual bacteria grew into a human outweighs the fact that an originally heterosexual human has a small fraction of homosexual humans.

In fact, studies have shown that over 5% of bird species and other species are homosexual. And, no, Social Darwinists, those species have not been eradicated by evolution. And this may, in some way, work to allay the fears of those who think that homosexuality will eventually spread to all like the spread of iPhones.

But, in the end, what is it that makes us uncomfortable with being associated with homosexuality? In supporting homosexual men and women? It is that deep seated animal fear of being labelled by association in a society obsessed with being normal — becoming an outcast by befriending an outcast; but we are human, and it is exactly that capacity to use our intellects, forego animal instincts and rise above thoughtless action to reach a higher moral ground that makes us human.


About fliqside

This blog is called back to evolution because it is partly influenced by evolutionary psychology as a tool to explain human behavior in the modern world. It is also influenced by the belief that nothing should be taken at face value and everything should be challenged. Most importantly, it is inspired by the possibility of understanding the human psyche in order to promote the well-being of our global community as a whole. - Hridesh Gajurel
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