The Death of a Lama

Cry he did

As his friend ended a life of suffering

His tears did not shimmer with joy

As they were taught to

They sprang from a well so deep in the heart that the mind could not reach

They fell on the earth and the earth changed

The indomitable mountains were turned into fragile waves of meaninglessness


Why do you cry, Lama?

Were you not taught that life is suffering?

Were you not to refrain from attachment?

Have you shed so carelessly the essence of your chosen path?

In the throes of separation, have you lost yourself?

Why do the deep vibrations from the funeral horns pull you into a sorrowful trance?

Why is your mind so darkly clouded by the heavy pine smoke that you rain without restraint?

Why do you waver like the prayer flags in the piercingly cold wind?

Escape from your thoughts

Cry, my friend, for I, too, am moved by your tears


About fliqside

This blog is called back to evolution because it is partly influenced by evolutionary psychology as a tool to explain human behavior in the modern world. It is also influenced by the belief that nothing should be taken at face value and everything should be challenged. Most importantly, it is inspired by the possibility of understanding the human psyche in order to promote the well-being of our global community as a whole. - Hridesh Gajurel
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