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Hard work is not inherently good

Hard work has become the most lauded virtue of our time. “Work hard and you will achieve your dreams” is the mantra that every child grows up with – at home and in school – to the extent that it … Continue reading

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Consumers Prefer Goods from Not-for-Profits over Goods from Businesses – Research Paper

Good Business: Empirically Examining the Goods Sector as a Revenue Source for Not-for-Profits  Abstract The recent proliferation of not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) has intensified the competition for limited government grants and private donations causing NFPs to increasingly turn to the market … Continue reading

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The Club: A New Way to Organize Society

The Need for a New Way to Organize Society A human is so far separated from the process of production of a good he/she consumes in modern times that he/she has no direct control over it. In contrast, a human … Continue reading

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Why Economics is Ineffective

Economists love this statement: if we do A, then B will happen, which leads to C, and that means more jobs and a better economy. I am sure you have heard it in one form or another from presidents and … Continue reading

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