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Can We Blame Those Involved for the Atrocities in the Israel-Palestine Conflict?

As Hamas indiscriminately fires rockets into Israel from occupied territory and as Israel replies with a callous show of force, killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians in a couple of weeks, you wonder who is to blame for the massacre. Hamas … Continue reading

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The Major Challenge of the Occupy Movement: Out-Group Bias

Mixed Reaction to the Occupy Movement As the contagious Occupy movement spreads around the world and grows in stature, there seems to me a markedly mixed reaction to its existence. The movement is protesting, among other things, the enormous and … Continue reading

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Looting During Brisbane Floods Teaches an Important Lesson

As the Brisbane River burst its banks into the city of Brisbane and surrounding areas and threw its people into a state of disbelief and disarray, I was watching the “hundred-year flood” unfold on the television screen from a close-by … Continue reading

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