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Hard work is not inherently good

Hard work has become the most lauded virtue of our time. “Work hard and you will achieve your dreams” is the mantra that every child grows up with – at home and in school – to the extent that it … Continue reading

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Can We Blame Those Involved for the Atrocities in the Israel-Palestine Conflict?

As Hamas indiscriminately fires rockets into Israel from occupied territory and as Israel replies with a callous show of force, killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians in a couple of weeks, you wonder who is to blame for the massacre. Hamas … Continue reading

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The Biggest Propaganda in America: Denial of Universal Health Care

The twentieth century had some very powerful propaganda indeed. The prevalence of the despicable Gulag labor camps and the shocking acquiesce regarding them by the Russian public while, at the same time, revering Stalin as a heroic figure must rank … Continue reading

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