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Putting Homosexuality in Perspective

In a world defined by god, as interpreted by man, we would all be heterosexual. So is homosexuality a freak of nature, so to speak? If so, how omnipotent is god? For those not believing in god and of a … Continue reading

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Consumerism: Insanity Made Normal

A definition of insanity by Einstein has been so popularized by cinema and television that dictionaries simply cannot keep up. He said, with trademark elegance, that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” … Continue reading

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The Major Challenge of the Occupy Movement: Out-Group Bias

Mixed Reaction to the Occupy Movement As the contagious Occupy movement spreads around the world and grows in stature, there seems to me a markedly mixed reaction to its existence. The movement is protesting, among other things, the enormous and … Continue reading

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Gillard vs Abbott: the Sex Preference

Why do women prefer Julia Gillard and the men prefer Tony Abbott so overwhelmingly? Continue reading

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