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Hard work is not inherently good

Hard work has become the most lauded virtue of our time. “Work hard and you will achieve your dreams” is the mantra that every child grows up with – at home and in school – to the extent that it … Continue reading

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The Major Challenge of the Occupy Movement: Out-Group Bias

Mixed Reaction to the Occupy Movement As the contagious Occupy movement spreads around the world and grows in stature, there seems to me a markedly mixed reaction to its existence. The movement is protesting, among other things, the enormous and … Continue reading

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The Club: A New Way to Organize Society

The Need for a New Way to Organize Society A human is so far separated from the process of production of a good he/she consumes in modern times that he/she has no direct control over it. In contrast, a human … Continue reading

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Looting During Brisbane Floods Teaches an Important Lesson

As the Brisbane River burst its banks into the city of Brisbane and surrounding areas and threw its people into a state of disbelief and disarray, I was watching the “hundred-year flood” unfold on the television screen from a close-by … Continue reading

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